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About Albert's Petite Sweets

Thank you for choosing Albert’s Petite Sweets cake pops and confections. We strive to create an edible art experience that sparks amazement, wonder, and fun. 

Handcrafted and uniquely designed, each cake pop uses the purest ingredients of fresh eggs, real butter, and made from scratch. What makes Albert’s Petite Sweets so unique and different is that we can make our own chocolate molds, specifically tailored and custom for the client’s needs. See for yourself and order one today!

About Albert Daniel

Owner & Creator, Albert's Petite Sweets

I love creating things with my hands. From drawing, to creating succulent gardens, interior designing, to baking, I thrive on creativity. Cake pop and confection design is how I share my creative passion with you.

I am an alumnus of California State University Long Beach and studied Recreation Administration. Creativity has always been a part of my life, but was placed on the back burner.  I didn’t want to be that starving artist.  So, I did not follow my passion for creating handcrafted confections until later in life.

I love giving gifts and especially putting a smile on someone’s face. One day, while contemplating on what unique gifts to hand out to my co-workers for Easter, an idea came into mind. I told myself I can buy them cake pops, but wait, I can just make it for them instead! The very next day when I gave out the cake pop to all my co-workers… something happened. When I gave a cake pop design to my co-workers all had a huge smile on their faces, no matter what stressful situation they were in. Never have I seen so many adults act like children, going back to their childhood years and not having a care in the world. For a brief moment my cake pop was not just a piece of cake ball on a stick, it was an innocent childhood memory relived with a single bite. My creative passion was ignited once more.

My vision is to relive your fun childhood years and experiences, bringing out that kid in a candy store feeling, the feeling of amazement, wonder, and fun. With Albert's Petite Sweets we can create not only your ball shaped cake pops, but also amazing three dimensional cake pop arrangements. From designs with accent lighting, to floral designs with petals, Albert's Petite Sweets implements unique shapes, baking, and designing concepts all into one. With Albert's Petite Sweets you are not just having another cake pop, but you are buying a miniature world of edible art.

Come see for yourself and let Albert's Petite Sweets give you the sweet sensation you have been craving for!

Recent Custom Projects

Clients have included eye-popping custom arrangements for brands such as BeBe, Nissan, General Motors, Hyundai, Estee Lauder, CBS Network, Marconi Automotive Museum and Makita. Visit our custom designs page to view our newest designs!